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The 10 most cited articles of the previous biennium – 2016 /2017

Tree species of South America central savanna: endemism, marginal areas and the relationship with other biomes

Renata D. Françoso, Ricardo F. Haidar, Ricardo B. Machado

A study of the morphoanatomical characters of the leaves of Chamaecrista (L.) Moench sect. Apoucouita (Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae

Ítalo Antônio Cotta Coutinho, Juliana Gastaldello Rando, Adilva de Souza Conceição, Renata Maria Strozi Alves Meira

Factors influencing seed germination in Cerrado grasses

Rosana Marta Kolb, Natashi Aparecida Lima Pilon, Giselda Durigan

Distribution patterns of ferns and lycophytes in the Coastal Region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Felipe Gonzatti, Letícia Machado, Paulo Günter Windisch

Evolution of seed dispersal in the Cerrado biome: ecological and phylogenetic considerations

Marcelo Kuhlmann, José Felipe Ribeiro

Comparative anatomy of calyx and foliar glands of Banisteriopsis C. B. Rob. (Malpighiaceae)

Josiane Silva Araújo, Renata Maria Strozi Alves Meira

To resist or to germinate? The effect of fire on legume seeds in Brazilian subtropical grasslands

Alessandra Fidelis, Luís Felipe Daibes, Aline Redondo Martin

Agrobiodiversity and in situ conservation in quilombola home gardens with different intensities of urbanization

Julia Vieira da Cunha Ávila, Anderson Santos de Mello, Mariane Elis Beretta, Rafael Trevisan, Pedro Fiaschi, Natalia Hanazaki

Resupinate Dimorphy, a novel pollination strategy in two-lipped flowers of Eplingiella (Lamiaceae)

Raymond M. Harley, Ana Maria Giulietti, Ivan Silva Abreu, Cassia Bitencourt, Favizia F. de Oliveira, Peter K. Endress

The scaly tree ferns (Cyatheaceae-Polypodiopsida) of Brazil

Anna Weigand, Marcus Lehnert

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