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The ABB’s new impact factor has been released!


There was an increase and we reached 0.817! Does anyone doubt that we will reach IF 1.0 in 2018?

We emphasize our recognition of the importance of responsible and efficient partners, which has allowed us to construct what we believe is a quality journal.

We specially thank our authors, who demonstrate confidence in our work. Now we also look forward to you all playing your best in the growth of ABB. Thus, we reiterate our invitation: submit articles for publication and act as disseminators of the knowledge expressed in our ABB. Join us!

The ABB editorial team

When authors publish in Acta Botanica Brasilica they receive additional benefits:

  • In partnership with SciELO we provide our articles free to readers (open access);
  • Our open access papers are more likely to be cited;
  • There is no cost for publication;
  • The efficiency of our evaluation process will surprise you (averaging less than 60 days);
  • We are indexed in the major databases such as ISI (Web of Science), Biological Abstracts, Scopus and others.
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