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Cereus jamacaru DC. (Cactaceae): From 17th century naturalists to modern day scientific and technological prospecting

Luana Fernanda Costa Raulino Silva, Luci de Senna Valle, Ana Regina Campos Nascimento and Maria Franco Trindade Medeiros

Wild vegetables do not lie: Comparative gastronomic ethnobotany and ethnolinguistics on the Greek traces of the Mediterranean Diet of southeastern Italy

Andrea Pieroni and Valentina Cattero

Patterns of richness and distribution of Cactaceae in the Serra da Mantiqueira, Southeast Brazil, and implications for its conservation

Diego Rafael Gonzaga, Ariane Luna Peixoto and Luiz Menini Neto

Hypnea musciformis (Wulfen) J. V. Lamour. (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) responses to gasoline short-term exposure: biochemical and cellular alterations

Fernanda Ramlov, Tiago Jose Griebeler Carvalho, Giulia Burle Costa, Eva Regina de Oliveira Rodrigues, Claudia Marlene Bauer, Eder Carlos Schmidt, Marianne Gabi Kreusch, Rodolfo Moresco, Bruno Bachiega Navarro, Debora Queiroz Cabral, Zenilda Laurita Bouzon, Paulo Antunes Horta and Marcelo Maraschin

Pollen morphology of Brazilian species of Verbesina L. (Heliantheae – Asteraceae)

Giselle Lopes Moreira, Taciana Barbosa Cavalcanti, Cláudia Barbieri Ferreira Mendonça and Vânia Gonçalves-Esteves

Local environmental controls of Atlantic Forest tree community assembly on a coastal continental island in southeastern Brazil

Felipe Cito Nettesheim, Mário Luís Garbin, Marcos Gervasio Pereira and Dorothy Sue Dunn de Araujo

Palynological evidence of vegetation change during the last 10,000 years in the mid-valley of the Rio Doce, Brazil

Fernanda Mara Fonseca-Silva, Marcelo de Araujo Carvalho and Sérvio Pontes Ribeiro

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in soils under three phytophysiognomies of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Lorrane Marques Duarte, Simone Cristina Braga Bertini, Sidney Luiz Stürmer, Marcio Rodrigues Lambais and Lucas Carvalho Basilio Azevedo

Reproductive morphology and phenological aspects of one morphological variant of Hypnea pseudomusciformis (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta)

Priscila Barreto de Jesus, Edilene Maria dos Santos Pestana, Helen Michelle de Jesus Affe, Diogo Souza Bezerra Rocha, Taiara Aguiar Caires, José Marcos de Castro Nunes and Alessandra Selbach Schnadelbach

What are tilosomes? An update and new perspectives

Halisson Rafael Kedrovski and Maria das Graças Sajo

New initiatives for Brazilian aquatic plant data management

Marco Otávio Dias Pivari, Pablo Hendrigo Alves de Melo, Filipe Soares Souza, João Renato Stehmann, Edson Gomes de Moura Júnior, Suzana Neves Moreira, Vali Joana Pott, Arnildo Pott, Aline Lopes, Maria Cecilia Chiara Moço, Lukiel dos Santos Oliveira, Alba Lucia de Almeida Lins, Rafael Arruda, Isa Lucia de Morais, Gustavo Santos Silva and Régis Moreira Ferreira

Fire records in tree rings of Moquiniastrum polymorphum: potential for reconstructing fire history in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Arno Fritz das Neves Brandes, Andrea Sánchez-Tapia, Jerônimo Boelsums Barreto Sansevero, Rafael Perpetuo Albuquerque and Cláudia Franca Barros

Abscisic acid and the antioxidant system are involved in germination of Butia capitata seeds

Elisa Monteze Bicalho, Talita R. Silva dos Santos and Queila Souza Garcia

Re-establishment, new records, and a key for the species of Aspidosperma (Apocynaceae) from the Brazilian Amazon

Andreza Stephanie de Souza Pereira, Ana Carolina Devides Castello, André Olmos Simões and Ingrid Koch

Fungal endophyte diversity in the leaves of the medicinal plant Myracrodruon urundeuva in a Brazilian dry tropical forest and their capacity to produce L-asparaginase

Ana Patrícia Sousa Lopes de Pádua, Karla Torres Lins de Sousa Freire, Thays Gabrielle Lins de Oliveira, Leticia Francisca da Silva, Gianne Rizzuto Araújo-Magalhães, Gualberto Segundo Agamez-Montalvo, Iolanda Ramalho da Silva, Jadson Diogo Pereira Bezerra and Cristina Maria de Souza-Motta

Fungi associated with Copaifera oblongifolia (Fabaceae) seeds: occurrence and possible effects on seed germination

Elio Gomes Fernandes, Henrique Maia Valério, Karen Luiza Rodrigues Duarte, Lauany Matos de Novais Capuchinho and Marcílio Fagundes

Abiotic effects on the cover and richness of corticolous lichens on Araucaria angustifolia trunks

Lucas Nunes, Giulia Burle, Emerson Luiz Gumboski and Michele Dechoum

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