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Floral resins of Philodendron adamantinum (Araceae): secretion, release and synchrony with pollinators

Patrícia Gonçalves-Souza, Clemens Schlindwein and Elder Antonio Sousa Paiva

Unraveling algae and cyanobacteria biodiversity in bromeliad phytotelmata in different vegetation formations in Bahia State, Northeastern Brazil

Geraldo José Peixoto Ramos, Lucineide Maria Santana, Anderson Matos Medina, Carlos Eduardo de Mattos Bicudo, Luis Henrique Zanini Branco and Carlos Wallace do Nascimento Moura

Scientometrical review of Dinoflagellate studies in Brazil

Pietro Martins Barbosa Noga and Doriedson Ferreira Gomes

Survival and development of reintroduced Cattleya intermedia plants related to abiotic factors and herbivory at the edge and in the interior of a forest fragment in South Brazil

Delio Endres Júnior, Márcio Hisayuki Sasamori, Jairo Lizandro Schmitt and Annette Droste

Expression analysis of cell wall assembly and remodelling-related genes in Arabidopsis roots subjected to boron stress and brassinosteroid at different developmental stages

Rabia İşkil and Yonca Surgun-Acar

A methodological proposal for the recovery of palynomorphs from snow and ice samples

Luiz Antonio da Costa Rodrigues, Kamila da Matta Agostini, Alexandre Santos de Alencar, Cláudia Barbieri Ferreira Mendonça, Marcelo Araújo de Carvalho, Vania Gonçalves- Esteves

Genetic diversity in populations of the dioecious Myrsine coriacea (Primulaceae) in the Atlantic Forest

Roberta Pena da Paschoa, Jheniffer Abeldt Christ, Cecília Silva Valente, Marcia Flores da Silva Ferreira, Fábio Demolinari de Miranda, Mário Luís Garbin and Tatiana Tavares Carrijo

Reproductive phenology differs between evergreen and deciduous species in a Northeast Brazilian savanna

Dinnie Michelle Assunção Lacerda, Davi Rodrigo Rossatto, Eville Karina Maciel Delgado Ribeiro-Novaes and Eduardo Bezerra de Almeida Jr.

DNA fingerprinting based on SSR amplification profiles for Piper species identification (Piperaceae)

Jheniffer Abeldt Christ, Renan Köpp Hollunder, Marina Santos Carvalho, Marcia Flores da Silva Ferreira, Mário Luís Garbin and Tatiana Tavares Carrijo

Functional specialization and phenotypic generalization in the pollination system of an epiphytic cactus

Cristiane Martins and Leandro Freitas

Anther specializations related to the division of labor in Microlicia cordata (Spreng.) Cham. (Melastomataceae)

Mariana de Souza Carvalho Velloso, Vinícius Lourenço Garcia de Brito, Ana Paula Souza Caetano and Rosana Romero

Nomenclatural novelties in Lessingianthus (Asteraceae – Vernonieae): an extraordinary new species, a lectotypification, and a new combination from a resurrected synonym

Rogério Neves Ribeiro and Aristônio M. Teles

Palm species richness, latitudinal gradients, sampling effort, and deforestation in the Amazon region

Carlos Mariano Alvez-Valles, Henrik Balslev, Roosevelt Garcia-Villacorta, Fabrício Alvim Carvalho and Luiz Menini Neto

New combinations and taxonomic notes for Tarenaya (Cleomaceae)

Raimundo Luciano Soares Neto, William Wayt Thomas, Maria Regina de Vasconcellos Barbosa and Eric H. Roalson

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