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Abscisic acid and the antioxidant system are involved in germination of Butia capitata seeds

Elisa Monteze Bicalho, Talita R. Silva dos Santos and Queila Souza Garcia

Re-establishment, new records, and a key for the species of Aspidosperma (Apocynaceae) from the Brazilian Amazon

Andreza Stephanie de Souza Pereira, Ana Carolina Devides Castello, André Olmos Simões and Ingrid Koch

Fungal endophyte diversity in the leaves of the medicinal plant Myracrodruon urundeuva in a Brazilian dry tropical forest and their capacity to produce L-asparaginase

Ana Patrícia Sousa Lopes de Pádua, Karla Torres Lins de Sousa Freire, Thays Gabrielle Lins de Oliveira, Leticia Francisca da Silva, Gianne Rizzuto Araújo-Magalhães, Gualberto Segundo Agamez-Montalvo, Iolanda Ramalho da Silva, Jadson Diogo Pereira Bezerra and Cristina Maria de Souza-Motta

Fungi associated with Copaifera oblongifolia (Fabaceae) seeds: occurrence and possible effects on seed germination

Elio Gomes Fernandes, Henrique Maia Valério, Karen Luiza Rodrigues Duarte, Lauany Matos de Novais Capuchinho and Marcílio Fagundes

Abiotic effects on the cover and richness of corticolous lichens on Araucaria angustifolia trunks

Lucas Nunes, Giulia Burle, Emerson Luiz Gumboski and Michele Dechoum

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