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First molecular analysis of the genus Bryopsis (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) from Brazil, with an emphasis on the Pernambuco coast

Marcella Guennes Tavares de Oliveira, Sonia Maria Barreto Pereira, Ana Maria Benko-Iseppon, Valdir Queiroz Balbino, Wilson José da Silva Junior, Caroline Feijão Ximenes, Maria de Fátima de Oliveira Carvalho and Valéria Cassano

Early development of epiphytic roots: perspectives based on the composition of the velamen cell wall

Luísa Gouveia Lana, Ana Flávia de Melo Silva, Aldineia Buss, Denis Coelho de Oliveira and Ana Silvia Franco Pinheiro Moreira

Implications of global climate change for the development and ecological interactions between two key Amazonian aquatic macrophytes

Sthefanie do Nascimento Gomes de Souza, Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade, Layon Oreste Demarchi and Aline Lopes

The pattern of high plant diversity of Neotropical inselbergs: highlighting endemic, threatened and unique species

Herval Vieira Pinto-Junior, Pedro Manuel Villa, Miriam Cristina Alvarez Pereira and Luis Fernando Tavares de Menezes

Characterization and biological properties of sulfated polysaccharides of Corallina officinalis and Pterocladia capillacea

Mona Mohamed Ismail and Mohamed Saleh Amer

Seasonality affects the community of endophytic fungi in coconut (Cocos nucifera) crop leaves

Rafael José Vilela de Oliveira, Natalia Mirelly Ferreira de Sousa, Walter de Paula Pinto Neto, José Luiz Bezerra, Gladstone Alves da Silva and Maria Auxiliadora de Queiroz Cavalcanti

A taxonomic synopsis of Cypella (Iridaceae) in Brazil

Lilian Eggers, Rafaella Marchioretto, Tatiana T. Souza-Chies, Tamara Pastori and Olivier Chauveau

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