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Leaf anatomical traits of non-arboreal savanna species along a gradient of tree encroachment

Luiz Felipe Souza Pinheiro, Rosana Marta Kolb, Davi Rodrigo Rossatto

Disentangling plant establishment in sandy coastal systems: biotic and abiotic factors that determine Allagoptera arenaria (Arecaceae) germination

Luis Fernando Tavares de Menezes, Francisco I. Pugnaire, Gloria Matallana, Felipe Cito Nettesheim, Daniel Costa de Carvalho, Eduardo Arcoverde de Mattos

Miocene fern spores and pollen grains from the Solimões Basin, Amazon Region, Brazil

Natália de Paula Sá, Marcelo de Araújo Carvalho

Asteraceae of Morro do Chapéu, Bahia, Brazil: richness, endemism and conservation

Mariana Guerra Staudt, Maria Alves, Nádia Roque

Floral and reproductive biology of Alcantarea nahoumii (Bromeliaceae), a vulnerable endemic species of the Atlantic Forest

Maria Josirene Souza Moreira Bastos, Lucimário Pereira Bastos, Everton Hilo de Souza, Taliane Leila Soares, Daniel Vieira Morais, Fernanda Vidigal Duarte de Souza, Maria Angélica Pereira de Carvalho Costa

Composition, diversity and structure of vascular epiphytes in two contrasting Central Amazonian floodplain ecosystems

Adriano C. Quaresma, Maria Teresa F. Piedade, Yuri Oliveira Feitosa, Florian Wittmann, Hans ter Steege

Evidence of the effects of fire on branching and leaf development in cerrado trees

João Paulo Souza, Ana Lúcia S. Albino, Carlos Henrique B. A. Prado

Relationship between seed moisture content and acquisition of impermeability in Nelumbo nucifera (Nelumbonaceae)

Ganesh K. Jaganathan, Danping Song, Wei Liu, Yingying Han, Baolin Liu

A synopsis of Galianthe (Rubiaceae) in Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil, and a new endemic species from Serra Geral

Javier Elías Florentín, Mariela Nuñez Florentin, Elsa Leonor Cabral

Role of glutathione in tolerance to arsenite in Salvinia molesta, an aquatic fern

Adinan Alves da Silva, Juraci Alves de Oliveira, Fernanda Vidal de Campos, Cleberson Ribeiro, Fernanda dos Santos Farnese

Paleodistribution of Neotropical species of Erythroxylum (Erythroxylaceae) in humid and dry environments

Luciana Silva Cordeiro, Francisca Soares de Araújo, Ingrid Koch, André Olmos Simões, Fernando Roberto Martins, Maria Iracema Bezerra Loiola

Assessing the spatial variation of functional diversity estimates based on dendrograms in phytoplankton communities

Karine Borges Machado, Fabrício Barreto Teresa, João Carlos Nabout

Typifications in Passiflora L. (Passifloraceae) described by Frei José Mariano da Conceição Vellozo

Michaele Alvim Milward-de-Azevedo

Pollen morphology of Waltheria L. (Malvaceae-Byttnerioideae) from Bahia, Brazil

Cristiano Eduardo Amaral Silveira Júnior, Luciene Cristina Lima e Lima, Marileide Dias Saba

Antiherbivory defense mechanisms along an environmental gradient in restinga

Maiara Matilde da Silva, Maria Regina Torres Boeger, João Carlos Ferreira de Melo Júnior, Bruno Francisco Sant’Anna dos Santos

Host-exclusivity and host-recurrence by wood decay fungi (Basidiomycota – Agaricomycetes) in Brazilian mangroves

Georgea S. Nogueira-Melo, Paulo J. P. Santos , Tatiana B. Gibertoni

Effects of salinity on the physiology of the red macroalga, Acanthophora spicifera (Rhodophyta, Ceramiales)

Débora Tomazi Pereira, Carmen Simioni, Elisa Poltronieri Filipin, Fernanda Bouvie, Fernanda Ramlov, Marcelo Maraschin, Zenilda Laurita Bouzon, Éder Carlos Schmidt

Intraspecific variation in seed size and light intensity affect seed germination and initial seedling growth of a tropical shrub

Anielle C. R. Veloso, Priscila S. Silva, Wallison K. Squeira, Karen L.R. Duarte, Ingrid L. V. Gomes, Henrique T. Santos, Marcilio Fagundes

Survival and growth of tree seedlings as a function of seed size in a gallery forest under restoration

Leonardo Gallo Macera, Silvia Rahe Pereira, Andréa Lúcia Teixeira de Souza

Management techniques for the control of Melinis minutiflora P. Beauv. (molasses grass): ten years of research on an invasive grass species in the Brazilian Cerrado

Carlos Romero Martins, John Du Vall Hay, Marcio Scaléa, Juaci Vitória Malaquias

Phylogenetic community structure reveals differences in plant community assembly of an oligotrophic white-sand ecosystem from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Markus Gastauer, Amílcar W. Saporetti-Junior, Fernando Valladares, João A. A. Meira-Neto

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