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Localised photosynthetic pigments in the node of a holoparasitic plant: support for the shoot’s growth?

André Geremia Parise , Luis Felipe Basso, Ricardo Padilha de Oliveira and Gabriela Niemeyer Reissig

Applicability of computer vision in seeds identification: deep learning, random forest, and support vector machine classification algorithms

Francielli Bao and Deborah Bambil

Taxonomic implication of pollen of some Pterospermum Schreb. species (Malvaceae s.l. subfam. Dombeyoideae)

Muhammad Amirul Aiman Ahmad Juhari, Noraini Talip, Che Nurul Aini Che Amri, Nur Syazwani Mohamad Basir, Mohamad Ruzi Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Fitri Zohari, Mohd Norfaizal Ghazali and Nordahlia Abdullah Siam

Macrophyte functional composition is stable across a strong environmental gradient of a Neotropical floodplain

Suelen C. A. da Silva Pereto and André Andrian Padial

Leaf and sepal colleters in Calolisianthus speciosusGilg (Gentianaceae): a morphoanatomical comparative analysis and mechanisms of exudation

Analu Zanotti, Valéria Ferreira Fernandes, Aristéa Alves Azevedo and Renata Maria Strozi Alves Meira

Knowledge, use, and management of mangabeira (Hancornia speciosa Gomes) by extrativist communities on the coast of Rio Grande do Norte, Northeast Brazil

Kívia Soares de Oliveira and Magdi Ahmed Ibrahim Aloufa

Breaking the prejudgment of a dry and lifeless semiarid: the diversity and distribution of aquatic flora in some wetlands of northeastern Brazil

Lígia Queiroz Matias, Felipe Martins Guedes, Hugo Pereira do Nascimento and Júlia Caram Sfair

Nuclear and chloroplast microsatellites reveal high genetic diversity and structure in Platonia insignis Mart., an endangered species native to the Brazilian Amazon

Wellington F. Nascimento, Gabriel Dequigiovanni, Santiago L. F. Ramos, Caroline B. Garcia and Elizabeth A. Veasey

Unveiled diversity: Amazonian Campinaranas harbor twice the number of bryophyte species recorded in the last century

Gabriela Ramos Cerqueira, Adriel Michel-Sierra, Anna Luiza Ilkiu-Borges, Sylvia Mota-de-Oliveira and Charles Eugene Zartman

Bryophytes of Rio Turvo State Park (SP), Brazil: integrating floristics, geographical distribution, reproduction and ecological traits as subsidy for conservation of the Atlantic Forest

Marina Lemy Koga and Denilson Fernandes Peralta

Bud pollination and other techniques are ineffective in breaking late-acting self-incompatibility in Ceiba chodatii (Malvaceae – Bombacoideae)

Marta Biatriz Bianchi and Peter Gibbs

Enzymatic efficiency of the decomposing microbiota: what does really matter for aquatic macrophytes invasions?

Wagner Antonio Chiba de Castro, Rafaella Costa Bonugli-Santos, Alessandra Cristiane Sibim, Marcela Bianchessi da Cunha- Santino and Irineu Bianchini Jr

The aquatic species Pontederia azurea and P. crassipes (Pontederiaceae) in the Pantanal, Brazil: evidence of how plant structure can simultaneously reflect phylogeny and ecology

Thales D. Leandro, Zildamara dos Reis Holsback and Edna Scremin-Dias

Climatic and water variables drive aquatic macrophyte phenology in the Cerrado-Pantanal ecotone

Crisley Helena Simão, Flavio Macedo Alves, Adriana de Barros, Polyana Milena Simão, Arnildo Pott and Camila Aoki

Invasion by an exotic tree species in a xeric forest in Argentina: Impact on the diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and pre-existing mutualistic relationships

Camila Abarca, Marcelo Barrera, Marta Cabello, Fabricio Valdés and María Silvana Velazquez

Species richness of native and non-native plants in fruit farms in two areas of a Mediterranean-climate hotspot

Alejandra E. Muñoz, Paul Amouroux, Nicolás Arcos and Cristián Bonacic

A synopsis of Byttnerieae (Malvaceae, Byttnerioideae) from the Atlantic Forest, with notes on geographical distribution, nomenclature, and conservation

Matheus Colli-Silva and José Rubens Pirani

Quantitative morphometrics suggest that the widespread Neotropical Humiria balsamifera (Aubl.) St. Hil. is a species complex

Ana Sofia Sousa de Holanda, Alberto Vicentini, Jerome Chave, Fernanda Antunes Carvalho and Charles E. Zartman

Scleria (Cyperaceae) in the State of Pará, Amazon, Brazil

Layla Jamylle Costa Schneider and André dos Santos Bragança Gil

Communities of Mucorales (phylum Mucoromycota) in different ecosystems of the Atlantic Forest

Diogo Xavier Lima, Cristina Maria Souza-Motta, Catarina Ferreira de Lima, Carlos Alberto Fragoso de Souza, Jonathan Ramos Ribeiro and André Luiz Cabral Monteiro de Azevedo Santiago

Buchnera nordestina (Orobanchaceae), an overlooked new species from Northeast Brazil, with an updated identification key

André Vito Scatigna, Raysa Valéria Carvalho Saraiva, Arthur Filipe Mendes Couto, Vinicius Castro Souza and Francisca Helena Muniz

Marsypianthes tubulosa, a new species of Hyptidinae (Lamiaceae) from the Brazilian Cerrado

Arthur de Souza Soares, Raymond Mervyn Harley, José Floriano Barêa Pastore and Jomar Gomes Jardim

How hidden is the diversity of the genus Cosmarium (Desmidiaceae) in the Brazilian Caatinga?

Geraldo José Peixoto Ramos, Maria Aparecida dos Santos and Carlos Wallace do Nascimento Moura

Faramea baturitensis (Rubiaceae: Coussareeae), a new species from the “Serra de Baturité”, Northeastern Brazil

Jomar Gomes Jardim, Elnatan Bezerra de Souza and Maria Iracema Bezerra Loiola

Cross-amplification and characterization of microsatellite markers in species of Manihot Mill. (Euphorbiaceae) endemic to the Brazilian Cerrado

Kássia Marques Corrêa Miranda, Rejane Araújo Guimarães, Marcos José Silva, Patrícia Rasteiro Ordiale Oliveira, Thania Gonçalves Ribeiro, Thainara Policarpo Mendes, Mariana Pires de Campos Telles and Thannya Nascimento Soares

Unveiling the germination requirements for Cereus hildmannianus (Cactaceae), a potential new crop from Southern and South-eastern Brazil

Rafael Becker, Leandro Dal Ri, Rosana Farias-Singer and Rodrigo Bustos Singer

What we really know about the composition and function of microalgae cell coverings? An overview

Cíntia de Almeida Gonçalves and Cleber Cunha Figueredo

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) implementation in Africa: Allometric equation for predicting above-ground biomass in agroecosystems based on Anacardium occidentale L. in Sub-Saharan Africa with a case study from Cameroon

Noiha Noumi V., Awe Djongmo V., Tabue Mbobda B.R., Nyeck B. and Zapfack L.

Diversity of endophytic fungi in the leaflets and branches of Poincianella pyramidalis, an endemic species in the Brazilian tropical dry forest

Thays G. L. Oliveira, Jadson D. P. Bezerra, Iolanda R. da Silva, Cristina M. Souza-Motta and Oliane M. C. Magalhães

Environmental filters structure plant communities in Brazilian Chaco

Vivian Assunção, Danilo Silva, Guilherme Dalponti, Angela Sartori, José Carlos Casagrande and Vidal Mansano

Seed traits of species with contrasting distribution from South Brazilian grasslands

Alexandre Cristante Martins, Rafaella Migliavacca Marchioretto, Ariane Tonetto Vieira, Eudes Maria Stiehl-Alves, Eliane Kaltchuk dos Santos and Tatiana Teixeira de Souza-Chies

Maintenance of the plant community in wetlands: efficient role of the seed bank in regeneration of native plants

Francielli Bao , Marco Antonio de Assis and Arnildo Pott

What factors guide healthcare strategies over time? A diachronic study focused on the role of biomedicine and the perception of diseases in the dynamics of a local medical system

Flávia Rosa Santoro and Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque

Structure genetic of Dicksonia sellowiana Hook. (Dicksoniaceae) reveals clinal distribution along the latitudinal gradient of the Atlantic Forest

Bruna Saviatto Fagundes, Maria Augusta Poersch, Jaqueline dos Santos, André Luiz Gaglioti, Paulo Henrique Labiak and Valeria Cunha Muschner

Seasonality affects the community of endophytic fungi in coconut (Cocos nucifera) crop leaves crop leaves

Rafael José Vilela de Oliveira,Natalia Mirelly Ferreira de Sousa, Walter de Paula Pinto Neto, José Luiz Bezerra, Gladstone Alves da Silva and Maria Auxiliadora de Queiroz Cavalcanti

Key decision criteria for dormancy-breaking and ability to form seed banks of Cerrado native tree species

Maria Luciana Zequim Colado, Letícia Koutchin Reis, Angélica Guerra, Bruno Henrique dos Santos Ferreira, Diego Rezende Fonseca, Amanda Timóteo, Evânia Xavier Gondim, Natalia Guerin and Letícia Couto Garcia

Xylem growth rings and leaf phenologycal patterns in tree species of a subtropical seasonal forest

Danielle Bauer, Jairo L. Schmitt and Juliano M. Oliveira

First cytomolecular characterization of three neotropical woody bamboos (Bambusoideae, Poaceae) suggests ancient diploidized karyotypes

Julia Zappelini, Luiz Gustavo Souza, Miguel Pedro Guerra and Rosete Pescador

Effects of ocean warming, eutrophication and salinity variation on the growth of habitat-forming macroalgae in estuarine environments

Henrique Douglas dos Santos Borburema and Ruth Pessoa de Lima

High plant diversity pattern of Neotropical inselbergs: highlighting the endemic, threatened and unique species

Herval Vieira Pinto Junior, Pedro Manuel Villa, Miriam Cristina Alvarez Pereira and Luis Fernando Tavares de Menezes

Early development of epiphytic roots: perspectives based on the composition of the velamen cell wall

Luísa Gouveia Lana, Ana Flávia de Melo Silva, Aldineia Buss, Denis Coelho de Oliveira and Ana Silvia Franco Pinheiro Moreira

Characterization and biological properties of Corallina officinalis and Pterocladia capillacea sulfated polysaccharides

Mona Mohamed Ismail and Mohamed Saleh Amer

First molecular approach to the genus Bryopsis (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) from Brazil, with an emphasis on the Pernambuco coast

Marcella Guennes Tavares de Oliveira, Sonia Maria Barreto Pereira, Ana Maria Benko-Iseppon, Valdir Queiroz Balbino, Wilson José da Silva Junior, Caroline Feijão Ximenes, Maria de Fátima de Oliveira Carvalho and Valéria Cassano

Hondaea, a new genus of Collemataceae (Ascomycota lichenized) from South America

Marcos Junji KitauraMayara Camila Scur, Josiane Vogel Cortina Theodoro, Ana Cláudia Piovezan-Borges and Aline Pedroso Lorenz

Distant populations of an Xanthosoma (Araceae) species have different floral scents but the same cyclocephaline beetle pollinators

Gerhard Gottsberger, Ilse Silberbauer-Gottsberger and Stefan Dötterl

The taxonomic value of leaf anatomy in Byrsonima species: a difficult genus of Malpighiaceae Juss.

João Victor da Costa Santos, Maria de Fátima Vasconcelos de Oliveira, Francisco Soares Santos Filho, Leyde Nayane Nunes dos Santos Silva and Josiane Silva Araújo

Implications of global climate change on the development and ecological interactions between two key Amazonian aquatic macrophytes

Sthefanie do Nascimento Gomes de Souza, Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade, Layon Oreste Demarchi and Aline Lopes

Fabaceae species representativeness in restrictive soils explains the difference in Chaco vegetation structuring

Mozart Sávio Pires Baptista Vivian Almeida Assunção, Marcelo Leandro Bueno, José Carlos Casagrande and Ângela Lúcia Bagnatori Sartori

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