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Elaiophores: their taxonomic distribution, morphology and functions

Clivia Carolina Fiorilo Possobom, Silvia Rodrigues Machado

Updated angiosperm family tree for analyzing phylogenetic diversity and community structure

Markus Gastauer, João Augusto Alves Meira Neto

Habitat heterogeneity and diversity of bryophytes in campos rupestres

Emilia de Brito Valente , Kátia Cavalcanti Pôrto, Cid José Passos Bastos

Effects of sex and altitude on nutrient, and carbon and nitrogen stable isotope composition of the endangered shrub Baccharis concinna G.M. Barroso (Asteraceae)

G. Wilson Fernandes, Heitor Monteiro Duarte, Fernando A. O. Silveira, Fernando Broetto, Ulrich Lüttge, Heinz Rennenberg

Floristic and ecological characterization of habitat types on an inselberg in Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil

Luiza F. A. de Paula, Nara F. O. Mota, Pedro L. Viana, João Renato Stehmann

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and dark septate fungi in plants associated with aquatic environments

Josy Fraccaro de Marins, Rosilaine Carrenho

Temporal evaluation of the Conservation Priority Index for medicinal plants

André dos Santos Souza, Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, André Luiz Borba do Nascimento, Flávia Rosa Santoro, Wendy Marisol Torres-Avilez, Reinaldo Farias Paiva de Lucena, Júlio Marcelino Monteiro

Updating the list of chromosome numbers for Philodendron (Araceae)

Emanuelle V. Vasconcelos, Ana C. Brasileiro-Vidal, Ana M. Benko-Iseppon, Santelmo Vasconcelos

Spore germination and young gametophyte development of the endemic Brazilian hornwort Notothylas vitalii Udar & Singh (Notothyladaceae – Anthocerotophyta), with insights into sporeling evolution

Bárbara Azevedo Oliveira, Anna Flora de Novaes Pereira, Kátia Cavalcanti Pôrto, Adaíses Simone Maciel-Silva

Different physiological responses under drought stress result in different recovery abilities of two tropical woody evergreen species

Gabriella Frosi, Wolfgang Harand, Marciel Teixeira de Oliveira, Silvia Pereira, Simone Pereira Cabral, Abelardo Antônio de Assunção Montenegro, Mauro Guida Santos

Allelopathic suppression by Conyza canadensis depends on the interaction between latitude and the degree of the plant’s invasion

Congyan Wang, Kun Jiang, Jiawei Zhou, Jun Liu

Metabolic responses and β-carotene production by the unicellular green alga Dunaliella salina exposed to leaf extracts

Alireza Einali, Sahar Mazang-Ghasemi, Jafar Valizadeh, Meisam Noorozifar

Floral glands in asclepiads: structure, diversity and evolution

Diego Demarco

Phytoremediation of arsenic-contaminated water: the role of antioxidant metabolism of Azolla caroliniana Willd. (Salviniales)

Gabriela Alves Leão, Juraci Alves de Oliveira, Rafaella Teles Arantes Felipe, Fernanda Santos Farnese

Development of carpels and ovules in Dialypetalanthus fuscescens Kuhlm. (Rubiaceae): an enigmatic taxon

Rogério da Costa Figueiredo, Ricardo Cardoso Vieira, Jorge Ernesto de Araújo Mariath, Maria Cecilia de Chiara Moço, Karen L. G. De Toni

Pollen diversity in selected species of the tribe Chironieae (Gentianaceae Juss.) that occur in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil

Hian Carlos Ferreira de Sousa, Vania Gonçalves-Esteves, Cláudia Barbieri Ferreira Mendonça

Abiotic environmental conditions for germination and development of gametophytes of Cyathea phalerata Mart. (Cyatheaceae)

Catiuscia Marcon, Tatieli Silveira, Jairo Lizandro Schmitt, Annette Droste

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