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Flowering and pollination ecology of Cleistocactus baumannii (Cactaceae) in the Brazilian Chaco: pollinator dependence and floral larceny

Bruno Henrique dos Santos Ferreira, Camila Silveira Souza, André Luiz Silva Fachardo, Aline Conceição Gomes and Maria Rosângela Sigrist

Root parasitism by Scybalium fungiforme Schott & Endl. is not random among host species in seasonal tropical forest

Bruna Helena de Campos, Andra Carolina Dalbeto, Bruno dos Santos Francisco, João Paulo Romanelli, Rafaele Almeida Munis, Vera Lex Engel and Giselda Durigan

Relationship between phytoplankton structure and environmental variables in tropical reservoirs with different trophic states

Simone Alves de Oliveira, Carla Ferragut and Carlos Eduardo de Mattos Bicudo

Future uncertainties for the distribution and conservation of Paubrasilia echinata under climate change

Luíz Fernando Esser, Daniel Dutra Saraiva and João André Jarenkow

Morphological characterization of pollen grains of Brazilian species of Bombacoideae (Malvaceae s.l.)

Marileide Dias Saba, Gerleni Lopes Esteves, Valdira de Jesus Santos and Francisco de Assis Ribeiro dos Santos

Karyotype characterization and evolution of chromosome number in Cactaceae with special emphasis on subfamily Cactoideae

Juliana P. Castro, Ana Paula Moraes, Mark W. Chase, Angeline M. S. Santos, Fabiane R. C. Batista and Leonardo P. Felix

Increasing the known floristic diversity of Brazilian inselbergs: two new species of Mandevilla (Apocynaceae) from Espírito Santo

J. Francisco Morales and Ludovic J.C. Kollmann

Palynotaxonomy of Brazilian species of Passifloraceae sensu stricto

Rita de Cássia Matos dos Santos Araújo, Teonildes Sacramento Nunes, Marileide Dias Saba, Brunelle Ramos Andrade, Anacleide Pereira do Nascimento and Francisco de Assis Ribeiro dos Santos

Variation in root morphology of epiphytic orchids along small-scale and large-scale moisture gradients

Helena J. R. Einzmann, Nina Schickenberg and Gerhard Zotz

Sporepolinic morphology of fluvial terrace sediments in the Western Amazon

Mayra Nina Araujo Silva, Maria Lúcia Absy, Edgardo M. Latrubesse and Patrícia Maia Correia de Albuquerque

Phenolic content and antioxidant activity of part of Passiflora edulis as a function of plant developmental stage

Sarah F. Guimarães, Inorbert M. Lima and Luzia V. Modolo

Revisiting hydropotes of Nymphaeaceae: ultrastructural features associated with glandular functions

Luiz Ricardo dos Santos Tozin and Tatiane Maria Rodrigues

Patterns of plant use in religious offerings in Bali (Indonesia)

Wawan Sujarwo, Giulia Caneva and Vincenzo Zuccarello

Patterns of species diversity in different spatial scales and spatial heterogeneity on beta diversity

Caio J. R. S. Soares, Mauricio B. Sampaio, Francisco S. Santos-Filho, Fernando R. Martins and Flavio A. M. dos Santos

A taxonomic synopsis of Cypella (Iridaceae) in Brazil

Lilian Eggers, Rafaella Marchioretto, Tatiana T. Souza-Chies and Olivier Chauveau

A literature review of the pollination strategies and breeding systems of orchids of the subtribe Oncidiinae

Jonas Blanco Castro and Rodrigo Bustos Singer

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