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The role of kinship in knowledge about medicinal plants: evidence for context-dependent model-based biases in cultural transmission?

Camilla de Carvalho de Brito, Washington Soares Ferreira-Júnior, Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, Marcelo Alves Ramos, Taline Cristina da Silva, Eraldo Medeiros Costa-Neto and Patrícia Muniz de Medeiros

Complex sporoderm structure in bryophyte spores: a palynological study of Erpodiaceae Broth.

Andrea Pereira Luizi-Ponzo and Juliana da Costa Silva-e-Costa

Asterina mandaquiensis Henn., Hedwigia 48: 12. 1908

André Luiz Firmino and Olinto L. Pereira

Wild vegetables do not lie: Comparative gastronomic ethnobotany and ethnolinguistics on the Greek traces of the Mediterranean Diet of southeastern Italy

Andrea Pieroni and Valentina Cattero

Pollen morphology of Brazilian species of Verbesina L. (Heliantheae – Asteraceae)

Giselle Lopes Moreira, Taciana Barbosa Cavalcanti, Cláudia Barbieri Ferreira Mendonça and Vânia Gonçalves-Esteves

Hypnea musciformis (Wulfen) J. V. Lamour. (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) responses to gasoline short-term exposure: biochemical and cellular alterations

Fernanda Ramlov, Tiago Jose Griebeler Carvalho, Giulia Burle Costa, Eva Regina de Oliveira Rodrigues, Claudia Marlene Bauer, Eder Carlos Schmidt, Marianne Gabi Kreusch, Rodolfo Moresco, Bruno Bachiega Navarro, Debora Queiroz Cabral, Zenilda Laurita Bouzon, Paulo Antunes Horta and Marcelo Maraschin

Patterns of richness and distribution of Cactaceae in the Serra da Mantiqueira, Southeast Brazil, and implications for its conservation

Diego Rafael Gonzaga, Ariane Luna Peixoto and Luiz Menini Neto

Cereus jamacaru DC. (Cactaceae): From 17th century naturalists to modern day scientific and technological prospecting

Luana Fernanda Costa Raulino Silva, Luci de Senna Valle, Ana Regina Campos Nascimento and Maria Franco Trindade Medeiros

Serpula similis (Berk. & Broome) Ginns, Mycologia 63(2): 231 (1971)

Adriene Mayra Soares, Helio Longoni Plautz Jr, Leif Ryvarden and Tatiana Baptista Gibertoni

New record Perenniporia centrali-africana Decock & Mossebo, Sytematics and Geography of Plants 71 (2): 608 (2001)

Rejane Maria Ferreira da Silva, Mayara Alice Correia de Mélo, Rafael José Vilela de Oliveira, Cristina Maria de Souza-Motta and Gladstone Alves da Silva

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