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Duguetia leucotricha (Annonaceae), a new species from the Atlantic Coastal Forest of Brazil

Márcio L. Bazante, Paul J. M. Maas and Maria Regina de V. Barbosa

A scientometric study of the molecular data on Brazilian red algae

Larissa Mota de Araujo, Diogo Souza Bezerra Rocha, Helen Michelle de Jesus Affe and Priscila Barreto de Jesus

Morphometric studies suggest taxonomic changes in a species complex in Chromolaena (Asteraceae, Eupatorieae, Praxelinae)

Anderson Luiz Christ, Daniel Dutra Saraiva, Jimi Naoki Nakajima, Mara Rejane Ritter

Pollen morphology of the early branching papilionoid legume genera Harleyodendron, Holocalyx and Uribea

Débora Cavalcante de Oliveira, Luis Carlos Casas Restrepo, Márcio Ferreira dos Santos, Luciano Paganucci de Queiroz, Francisco de Assis Ribeiro dos Santos

Rediscovering Andreaea subulata Harv., a critically endangered moss in Brazil

Mateus Tomás Anselmo Gonçalves, Denilson Fernandes Peralta, Nivea Dias dos Santos

A higher altitude enclave of humid forest in the semi-arid of Brazil holds a diversity of conidial fungi on leaf-litter

Marcela Alves Barbosa, José Fredson da Silva Alves dos Prazeres, Elaine Malosso

Genome-wide identification and analysis of SAUR gene family in strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.) reveal its potential functions in different developmental stages

Kiyak, Ali; Uluisik, Selman

A new pruinose lichen species in genus Lobothallia (Megasporaceae, lichen forming Ascomycota) from Pakistan

Ashraf, Asma; Habib, Kamran; Khalid, Abdul Nasir

Wildfire does not affect spore abundance, species richness, and inoculum potential of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomeromycota) in ferruginous Canga ecosystems

Stürmer, Sidney Luiz; Heinz, Kassia Gisele Hackbarth; Marascalchi, Matheus Nicoletti; Giongo, Adriana; Siqueira, José Oswaldo

Key abiotic parameters for the management of the richness of bryolichenic communities in bogs of North Patagonia (Chile)

León, Carolina A.; Benítez-Mora, Alfonso

Sucupira-branca (Pterodon – Fabaceae): does wood anatomy support the distinction among species and hybrid?

Sonsin-Oliveira, Júlia; Santiago, Victor Hugo Dias; Fagg, Christopher William; Oliveira, Regina Célia de; Rocha, Dulce Maria Sucena

Complementary allometric model of understory tree biomass in the semi-deciduous rainforest of Cameroon

Ntonmen, Amandine Flore Yonkeu; Zapfack, Louis; Chimi, Cédric Djomo; Kabelong, Louis-Paul Roger Banoho; Zekeng, Jules Christian; Nfornkah, Barnabas Neba; Tsopmejio, Ingrid Temfack; Nanfack, Arsel D’Estaing; Tchoupou, Mireil Carol Votio; Madountsap, Nadège Tagnang; Ngoukwa, Guylene; Mounmemi, Hubert Kpoumie; Tabue, Roger Bruno Mbobda

Are we ready to restore South Brazilian grasslands? Plant material and legal requirements for restoration and plant production

Rolim, Rosângela Gonçalves; Rosenfield, Milena Fermina; Overbeck, Gerhard Ernst

Evolution of distyly breakdown in Palicoureeae Robbr. & Manen and Psychotrieae Cham. & Schltdl. (Rubiaceae)

Rodrigues, Ebenézer B.; Consolaro, Hélder; Pérez-Barrales, Rocio; Oliveira, Paulo Eugênio

Sympatric and phenotypic variation between two representative species of the Atlantic Forest: an analysis of the hydraulic system

Castelar, João Victor; Mangabeira, Pedro Antônio; Campbell, Glaziele; Callado, Cátia Henriques; Cunha, Maura Da

Phenology, abundance and efficiency of pollinators drive the reproductive success of Sarcoglottis acaulis (Orchidaceae) at the Atlantic Forest

Albuquerque, Nayara S.L.; Milet-Pinheiro, Paulo; Cruz, Denise D.; Pimentel, Georgiana M.S.; Sousa, Aércia C.; Carneiro, Adriennius M.; Machado, Isabel C.

Development, structure, and secretion of leaf colleters in Clusia criuva Cambess. subsp. criuva (Clusiaceae)

Teixeira, Roberta Silva; Rocha, Diego Ismael; Gonçalves, Jailma Rodrigues; Dalvi, Valdnéa Casagrande

Two new species of Mikania Willd. (Asteraceae: Eupatorieae) from Minas Gerais State, Brazil

Oliveira, Caetano Troncoso; Antar, Guilherme Medeiros; Gonella, Paulo Minatel; Pirani, José Rubens

A new saxicolous species of Acisanthera (Melastomataceae: Marcetieae) from Chapada dos Guimarães National Park, Mato Grosso, Brazil

Pacifico, Ricardo; Almeda, Frank

Angiosperm pollen grains in sedimentary profiles from two Brazilian Atlantic rainforests, northernmost coastal plain from Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil. Part II

Roth, Lionel; Lorscheitter, Maria Luisa

Reconstruction of the evolutionary biogeography reveals the origins of Alpinia Roxb. (Zingiberaceae): A case of “out-of-Asia” migration to the Southern Hemisphere

Le, Chi Toan; Do, Thi Bich; Pham, Thi Minh Anh; Nguyen, Van Du; Nguyen, Sinh Khang; Nguyen, Van Hoach; Cao, Phi Bang; Omollo, Wyckliffe Omondi

Reconstruction of the evolutionary biogeography reveals the origin and diversification of Arisaema (Araceae)

Tran, Van Tien; Hoang, Tuan Phuong Nguyen; Croat, Thomas B.; Ma, Zhengxu; Liu, Bing; Nguyen, Van Du; Le, Chi Toan

Revised delimitation of Croton campestris (Euphorbiaceae), including description of two new species, molecular phylogenetic, anatomical and micromorphological data

Sodré, Rodolfo Carneiro; Alonso, Alexandre Antônio; Silva, Marcos José da

Iron toxicity: effects on the plants and detoxification strategies

Lapaz, Allan de Marcos; Yoshida, Camila Hatsu Pereira; Gorni, Pedro Henrique; Freitas-Silva, Larisse de; Araújo, Talita de Oliveira; Ribeiro, Cleberson

Endemic Papilionoideae of the Caatinga: a contribution to the palynological knowledge of Leguminosae

Santos, José Orlando Bispo dos; Carneiro, Adriele Santana da Silva Oliveira; Dias, Ilana Marques de Souza; Saba, Marileide Dias; Lima, Luciene Cristina Lima e; Magalhães-e-Silva, Francisco Hilder

Temperature as the main factor affecting the reproductive phenology of the dioecious palm Mauritiella armata (Arecaceae)

Ávila, Marly Antonielle de; Azevedo, Islaine Francielly Pinheiro de; Antunes, Joicy Ruas; Souza, Cléber Rodrigo de; Santos, Rubens Manoel dos; Fonseca, Rúbia Santos; Nunes, Yule Roberta Ferreira

Does the presence of exotic species decrease the initial development of native species in Brazilian seasonally dry tropical forests?

Silva, Carlos Leandro Costa; Almeida, Gabriela de Oliveira; Pinto, Andréa de Vasconcelos Freitas; Rodal, Maria Jesus Nogueira; Ferreira, Wanessa Nepomuceno; Silva, Maria Amanda Menezes

Quilombola Ethnomedicine: The Role of Age, Gender, and Culture Change

Santana, Bruna Farias de; Voeks, Robert A.; Funch, Ligia Silveira

In Silico analysis of Vitis vinifera Cabernet Sauvignon TOR and its responses to sugar and abscisic acid signaling

Zhao, Ying; Wang, Xiu-Qin

Floristic inventory and conservation of one of the most striking coastal mountains in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Valadares, Rodrigo T.; Dutra, Valquíria F.; Firmino, Aline D.; Iglesias, Diego T.; Silva, Lucas A.; Barros, Paulo Henrique D.; Freitas, Vinícius C.; Cardoso, Weverson C.; Assis, André M.; Gomes, José M. L.

A new species of Eremitis Döll (Poaceae, Bambusoideae) from the Baixo Jequitinhonha region, an area of extreme importance for the conservation of the flora of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Ferreira, Fabrício Moreira; Viana, Pedro L.; Welker, Cassiano A. Dorneles; Clark, Lynn G.; Oliveira, Reyjane P.

Tree species of the Araucaria Mixed Forest: which, how many and how threatened are they?

Zanella, Andressa; Brum, Fernanda Thiesen; Petisco-Souza, Ana Carolina; Maccori, Giulia Fischer; Carlucci, Marcos Bergmann

Effect of woody plant removal in herb-subshrub communities in preserved and disturbed Brazilian Chaco areas

Kochanovski, Fabio J.; Damasceno-Junior, Geraldo A.; Sartori, Ângela L. B.

Fragmentation effects on beta diversity of fragmented and conserved landscapes: insights about homogenization and differentiation processes

Araújo, Felipe de Carvalho; Mendes, Carolina Njaime; Souza, Cleber Rodrigo de; Miranda, Kaline Fernandes; Morelli, Mariana Caroline Moreira; Coelho, Polyanne Aparecida; Figueiredo, Maria Auxiliadora Pereira; Carvalho, Warley Augusto Caldas; Castro, Gislene Carvalho de; Fontes, Marco Aurélio Leite; Santos, Rubens Manoel dos

Litterfall, seed size, and predator-free time window enhance survival of a keystone palm in an Atlantic forest restored site

Zaniratto, Cristiane Patrícia; Silva, Wesley Rodrigues

Climate variations affect the growth period of young Tectona grandis Linn F. in the Amazon

Carmo, Fábio Henrique Della Justina do; Latorraca, João Vicente de Figueiredo; Volpato, Maristela; Santos, Glaycianne Christine Vieira dos; Souza, Poliane Pereira de; Takizawa, Fausto Hissashi

Typification of names in Pachira aquatica Aubl. (Malvaceae, Bombacoideae) with a new combination and new status from the Brazilian Amazon forest

Yoshikawa, Vania Nobuko; Duarte, Marília Cristina; Ferreira, Carlos Daniel Miranda

Mabea dalyana (Euphorbiaceae-Hippomaneae): a new subshrub with xylopodia endemic to the savannas of the Brazilian Amazon

Bigio, Narcisio C.; Secco, Ricardo de S.; Esser, Hans-Joachim; Alves, Daniel Borini; Silveira, Antônio Laffayete Pires da; Ramos, Rubens Sousa; Anjos, Cassiane Barroso dos; Gonçalves, Késia da Silva

A revision of the fern family Osmundaceae in Brazil

Sylvestre, Lana da Silva; Costa, Fernanda Stefany Nunes; Arana, Marcelo Daniel

An updated checklist reveals strong incongruities with previous studies: insights after revisiting a regional orchid list

Pessoa, Edlley; Silva, Maycon Jordan Costa da; Oliveira, Miguel Sena de; Silva Junior, Wagner Ribeiro da; Ferreira, Alessandro Wagner Coelho

Endophytic fungi from an overlooked plant species: A case study in Kelissa brasiliensis (Baker) Ravenna

Andrade, Guilherme Afonso Kessler de; Bezerra, Jadson Diogo Pereira; Vargas, Maria Victória Magalhães de; Bernardes, Bruna Mota; Goulart, Sara Navarrete Bohi; Alves, Rodrigo Paidano; Küster, Mariele Cristine Tesche; Pereira, Antônio Batista; Victoria, Filipe de Carvalho

Safe sex: ant defense does not interfere with pollination in passion flowers

Tiago Valadares Ferreira, Thiago Junqueira Izzo and Alberto López Teixido

The aquatic species Pontederia azurea and P. crassipes (Pontederiaceae) in the Pantanal, Brazil: evidence of how plant structure can simultaneously reflect phylogeny and ecology

Thales D. Leandro, Zildamara dos Reis Holsback and Edna Scremin-Dias

Maintenance of wetland plant communities: the role of the seed bank in regeneration of native plants

Francielli Bao, Marco Antonio de Assis and Arnildo Pott

Predicting the potential distribution of aquatic herbaceous plants in oligotrophic Central Amazonian wetland ecosystems

Aline Lopes, Layon Oreste Demarchi, Augusto Cesar Franco, Aurélia Bentes Ferreira, Cristiane Silva Ferreira, Florian Wittmann, Ivone Neri Santiago, Jefferson da Cruz, Jeisiane Santos da Silva, Jochen Schöngart, Sthefanie do Nascimento Gomes de Souza and Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade

Limnological layers improve species distribution modeling of aquatic macrophytes at fine-spatial resolution

Edson Gomes de Moura Júnior, Fellipe Alves Ozorio do Nascimento, José Pires de Lemos Filho, William Severi and Luciana Hiromi Yoshino Kamino

How hidden is the diversity of the genus Cosmarium (Desmidiaceae) in the Brazilian Caatinga?

Geraldo José Peixoto Ramos, Maria Aparecida dos Santos and Carlos Wallace do Nascimento Moura

First molecular analysis of the genus Bryopsis (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) from Brazil, with an emphasis on the Pernambuco coast

Marcella Guennes Tavares de Oliveira, Sonia Maria Barreto Pereira, Ana Maria Benko-Iseppon, Valdir Queiroz Balbino, Wilson José da Silva Junior, Caroline Feijão Ximenes, Maria de Fátima de Oliveira Carvalho and Valéria Cassano

Early development of epiphytic roots: perspectives based on the composition of the velamen cell wall

Luísa Gouveia Lana, Ana Flávia de Melo Silva, Aldineia Buss, Denis Coelho de Oliveira and Ana Silvia Franco Pinheiro Moreira

Implications of global climate change for the development and ecological interactions between two key Amazonian aquatic macrophytes

Sthefanie do Nascimento Gomes de Souza, Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade, Layon Oreste Demarchi and Aline Lopes

The pattern of high plant diversity of Neotropical inselbergs: highlighting endemic, threatened and unique species

Herval Vieira Pinto-Junior, Pedro Manuel Villa, Miriam Cristina Alvarez Pereira and Luis Fernando Tavares de Menezes

Characterization and biological properties of sulfated polysaccharides of Corallina officinalis and Pterocladia capillacea

Mona Mohamed Ismail and Mohamed Saleh Amer

Seasonality affects the community of endophytic fungi in coconut (Cocos nucifera) crop leaves

Rafael José Vilela de Oliveira, Natalia Mirelly Ferreira de Sousa, Walter de Paula Pinto Neto, José Luiz Bezerra, Gladstone Alves da Silva and Maria Auxiliadora de Queiroz Cavalcanti

A taxonomic synopsis of Cypella (Iridaceae) in Brazil

Lilian Eggers, Rafaella Marchioretto, Tatiana T. Souza-Chies, Tamara Pastori and Olivier Chauveau

Seed germination and dormancy break in Eragrostis polytricha, a native Brazilian grass species with potential for recovery of degraded lands

Diogo F. Saraiva, Cláudio C. de Paula, Paulo José de Moraes, Ronaldo Vinícius-Silva, Mariana M. Silva, Denise C.F.S. Dias and Soraya A. Botelho

Effect of fire under the soils on the organization of communities of three remnants of Amazonian savannas

Ronaldo Oliveira dos Santos, Alan Pena de Souza, Rubiene Neto Soares, Fernando Galvão Rabelo, Breno Marques da Silva e Silva and Salustiano Vilar da Costa Neto

Comparative vegetative anatomy of Neotropical Goodyerinae Klotzsch (Orchidaceae Juss.: Orchidoideae Lindl.)

Cleusa Bona, Mathias Erich Engels, Fernanda de Siqueira Pieczak and Eric de Camargo Smidt

Germination responses of Lycium humile, an extreme halophytic Solanaceae: understanding its distribution in saline mudflats of the southern Puna

María Virginia Palchetti, Analía Llanes, Mariana Reginato, Gloria Barboza, Virginia Luna and Juan José Cantero

Two new species of the industrially relevant genus Absidia (Mucorales) from soil of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Thalline Rafhaella Leite Cordeiro, Thuong Thuong Thi Nguyen, Diogo Xavier Lima, Suzana Brito Gomes da Silva, Catarina Ferreira de Lima, Joana D’Arc Alves Leitão, Luciana Melo Sartori Gurgel, Hyang Burm Lee and André Luiz Cabral Monteiro de Azevedo Santiago

More is not always better: responses of the endemic plant Vellozia nanuzae to additional nutrients

Jessica Cunha-Blum, Yumi Oki , Ricardo Solar and Geraldo Wilson Fernandes

Testa structure in Erythrina speciosa (Leguminosae): the role of the mucilaginous stratum in the acquisition of physical dormancy

Camila Ribeiro Magalhães and Denise Maria Trombert Oliveira

Toward a phylogenetic reclassification of the subfamily Ambavioideae (Annonaceae): establishment of a new subfamily and a new tribe

Tanawat Chaowasku

A review of common parameters and descriptors used in studies of the impacts of heavy metal pollution on marine macroalgae: identification of knowledge gaps and future needs

Giulia Burle Costa, Gabrielle Koerich, Bruna de Ramos, Fernanda Ramlov, Begoña Martínez-Crego, Monya M. Costa, Dora Jesus, Rui O.P. Santos and Paulo A. Horta Jr.

Honey sample collection methods influence pollen composition in determining true nectar-foraging bee plants

Ujjwal Layek, Rajib Mondal and Prakash Karmakar

Novelties in Brazilian Waltheria L. (Byttnerioideae, Malvaceae): two new species and one re-establishment

Thales Silva Coutinho, Matheus Colli-Silva and Marccus Alves

Elevated atmospheric CO2 increases Eucalyptus urophylla S. T. Blake stem diameter by stimulating cell proliferation and reducing lignin deposition

Patricia Sitta Innocente, Simone Pádua Teixeira and Tiago Santana Balbuena

Pollen morphology of some species of Spermacoceae s.s. (Rubiaceae) of the Atlantic Forest, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vania Gonçalves-Esteves, Gabrielle Reboredo Menezes Vieira, Renata Jacomo Paixão de Carvalho, Sonia Regina de Melo Crespo and Claudia Barbieri Ferreira Mendonça

Fruits of neotropical species of the tribe Malveae (Malvoideae – Malvaceae): macro- and micromorphology

Fernanda de Araújo Masullo, Sanny Ferreia Hadibe Siqueira, Claudia Franca Barros, Massimo G. Bovini and Karen L. G. De Toni

Does an urban environment affect leaf structure of Eugenia uniflora L. (Myrtaceae)?

Laís de Almeida Bezerra, Cátia Henriques Callado and Maura Da Cunha

Phenology and dispersal syndromes of woody species in deciduous forest fragments of the Pantanal in Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil

Michele Soares de Lima and Geraldo Alves Damasceno-Junior

Phylogenetic placement of Tritirachium strains from the URM culture collection originally founded by Augusto Chaves Batista (1916–1967) in Brazil, and the description of T. batistae sp. nov.

Jadson Diogo Pereira Bezerra, Maria Tamara de Caldas Felipe, Laura Mesquita Paiva, Oliane Maria Correia Magalhães, Eliane Barbosa da Silva-Nogueira, Gladstone Alves da Silva and Cristina Maria de Souza-Motta

Pollen morphology of some species of Spermacoceae s.s. (Rubiaceae) of the Atlantic Forest, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vania Gonçalves-Esteves, Gabrielle Reboredo Menezes Vieira, Renata Jacomo Paixão de Carvalho, Sonia Regina de Melo Crespo and Claudia Barbieri Ferreira Mendonça

Patterns of species diversity in different spatial scales and spatial heterogeneity on beta diversity

Caio J. R. S. Soares, Mauricio B. Sampaio, Francisco S. Santos-Filho, Fernando R. Martins and Flavio A. M. dos Santos

Patterns of plant use in religious offerings in Bali (Indonesia)

Wawan Sujarwo, Giulia Caneva and Vincenzo Zuccarello

Revisiting hydropotes of Nymphaeaceae: ultrastructural features associated with glandular functions

Luiz Ricardo dos Santos Tozin and Tatiane Maria Rodrigues

Phenolic content and antioxidant activity of parts of Passiflora edulis as a function of plant developmental stage

Sarah F. Guimarães, Inorbert M. Lima and Luzia V. Modolo

Sporepolinic morphology of fluvial terrace sediments in the Western Amazon

Mayra Nina Araujo Silva, Maria Lúcia Absy, Edgardo M. Latrubesse and Patrícia Maia Correia de Albuquerque

Variation in root morphology of epiphytic orchids along small-scale and large-scale moisture gradients

Helena J. R. Einzmann, Nina Schickenberg and Gerhard Zotz

Karyotype characterization and evolution of chromosome number in Cactaceae with special emphasis on subfamily Cactoideae

Juliana P. Castro, Ana Paula Moraes, Mark W. Chase, Angeline M. S. Santos, Fabiane R. C. Batista and Leonardo P. Felix

Palynotaxonomy of Brazilian species of Passifloraceae sensu stricto

Rita de Cássia Matos dos Santos Araújo, Teonildes Sacramento Nunes, Marileide Dias Saba, Brunelle Ramos Andrade, Anacleide Pereira do Nascimento and Francisco de Assis Ribeiro dos Santos

Increasing the known floristic diversity of Brazilian inselbergs: two new species of Mandevilla (Apocynaceae) from Espírito Santo

Juan Francisco Morales and Ludovic J.C. Kollmann

Invasion and establishment of Ceratium furcoides (Dinophyceae) in an urban lake in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Luiza Nicoleite da Silva, Caroline Modena de Medeiros, Kaoli Pereira Cavalcante and Luciana de Souza Cardoso

Catalogue of the vascular epiphytic flora of Uruguay

Patricia Mai, Andrés Rossado, José Mauricio Bonifacino and Jorge Luiz Waechter

Genetic diversity in Calibrachoa pygmaea (Solanaceae): A hawkmoth-pollinated nightshade from the Pampas

Geraldo Mäder, Alice Backes, Maikel Reck-Kortmann and Loreta B. Freitas

Colonization-related functional traits of plants in a 50-hectare plot of secondary tropical forest

Hélder Marcos Nunes Cândido, Ângela Miazaki, Vanessa Pontara, Marcelo Leandro Bueno, Ricardo Solar, Markus Gastauer and João Augusto Alves Meira-Neto

A new glandular Mimosa species from Southern Brazil and insights about its glandular trichomes micromorphology

Fernanda Schmidt Silveira, Wanderleia de Vargas, Ana Paula Fortuna-Perez and Silvia Teresinha Sfoggia Miotto

Sustainable production of bioactive alkaloids in Psychotria L. of southern Brazil: propagation and elicitation strategies

Yve Verônica da Silva Magedans, Kelly Cristine da Silva Rodrigues Corrêa, Cibele Tesser da Costa, Hélio Nitta Matsuura and Arthur Germano Fett-Neto

Species boundary and extensive hybridization and introgression in Petunia

Caroline Turchetto, Carolina K. Schnitzler and Loreta B. Freitas

Synflorescence morphology of species of Typha L. (Typhaceae): anatomical and ontogenetic bases for taxonomic applications

Jordano Dorval Tavares de Carvalho and Jorge Ernesto de Araujo Mariath

Morphological and genetic perspectives of hybridization in two contact zones of closely related species of Petunia (Solanaceae) in southern Brazil

Marcelo C. Teixeira, Caroline Turchetto, Sara Hartke, Carolina K. Schnitzler and Loreta B. Freitas

Grassland vegetation sampling – a practical guide for sampling and data analysis

Bianca Ott Andrade, Ilsi Iob Boldrini, Monica Cadenazzi, Valério D. Pillar and Gerhard Ernst Overbeck

Aquatic vascular plants of South Brazil: checklist and a comparative floristic approach

Lukiel dos Santos Oliveira, Bianca Ott Andrade, Ilsi Iob Boldrini and Maria Cecilia de Chiara Moço

Updates on extratropical region climbing plant flora: news regarding a still-neglected diversity

Jaqueline Durigon, Patrícia Steiner Sperotto, Priscila Porto Alegre Ferreira, Greta Aline Dettke, Renato Aquino Záchia, Maria Ana Farinaccio, Guilherme Dubal dos Santos Seger and Silvia Teresinha Sfoggia Miotto

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