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Celtis atlantica (Cannabaceae): A new endangered tree species from southwest of Brazil

Henrique Borges Zamengo; Fabio Mostacato Bastos; Débora Chamorro; André Luiz Gaglioti; Leandro Cardoso Pederneiras

Hiding in the Atlantic Forest: Leaf geometric morphometrics redefines endangered Aristolochia (Aristolochiaceae) sibling species and allows conservation strategies

Joelcio Freitas; Elton John de Lírio; Favio González; André Vitor Suzuki; Anderson Alves-Araújo

Effects of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles against Salt and Heat Stress in Safflower Cultivars

Dinler, Burcu Seckin; Cetinkaya, Hatice; Koc, Fatma Nur; Gül, Volkan; Sefaoğlu, Fırat

Potential species for high biomass production and allometric modelling of even-aged native tropical lowland trees of Indonesia

Purnomo, Danang Wahyu; Prasetyo, Lilik Budi; Widyatmoko, Didik; Rushayati, Siti Badriyah; Usmadi, Didi; Nurul Zulkarnaen, Rizmoon; Yudaputra, Angga; Cropper, Wendell

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