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Redefinition of Stachytarpheta sprucei (Verbenaceae) reveals a remarkable geographic disjunction in tropical forests of South America

Cardoso, Pedro Henrique; O’Leary, Nataly; Menini Neto, Luiz; Trovó, Marcelo

Microsatellites are important for forest genetic resources conservation in Brazilian

Caetano Miguel Lemos Serrote, Lia Rejane Silveira Reiniger, Charlene Moro Stefanel, Karol Buuron da Silva and Diego Pascoal Golle

Mahabalella pernambucana, a new hyphomycete from Brazil with notes on its phylogenetic positioning

Tavares, Wanderson Luiz; Barbosa, Marcela; Castañeda-Ruiz, Rafael Felipe; Malosso, Elaine

Duguetia leucotricha (Annonaceae), a new species from the Atlantic Coastal Forest of Brazil

Márcio L. Bazante, Paul J. M. Maas and Maria Regina de V. Barbosa

A scientometric study of the molecular data on Brazilian red algae

Larissa Mota de Araújo, Diogo Souza Bezerra Rocha, Helen Michelle de Jesus Affe, Priscila Barreto de Jesus

Morphometric studies suggest taxonomic changes in a species complex in Chromolaena (Asteraceae, Eupatorieae, Praxelinae)

Anderson Luiz Christ, Daniel Dutra Saraiva, Jimi Naoki Nakajima, Mara Rejane Ritter

Synopsis of Orchidaceae Juss. in the northern lowland Atlantic Forest

Luiz Henrique Liberato Moreira, Cassio van den Berg and Maria Regina de Vasconcellos Barbosa

A new species of Blechnum L. (Blechnaceae, Polypodiopsida) from central-western Brazil, with an updated key to the species in the country

Vinícius Antonio de Oliveira Dittrich, Alexandre Salino and André Luís de Gasper

Seed germination of a myrmecochorous plant endemic to the Brazilian semiarid region: the wolf is not so bad

Marcilio Fagundes, Ana Paula Mota Fernandes, Bruno Henrique Silva Mayrink, Luiz Henrique Arimura Figueiredo, Alessandre Custódio Jorge and Ingrid Lara Vieira Gomes

Synopsis of the Piper subgenus Ottonia Sprengel (Piperaceae) from Brazil

Micheline Carvalho-Silva, Paulo Câmara and Elsie Guimarães

Passiflora purii (Passifloraceae), a new species in honor of the originating peoples of Serra da Mantiqueira, Southeastern Brazil

Ana Carolina Mezzonato-Pires, Leonardo Moreira Campos Lima and Ana Paula Gelli de Faria

Agalinis marianae (Orobanchaceae), a new endangered species endemic to the Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Vinicius Castro Souza, Flávio Dayrell Gontijo, Tiago Teixeira Dornas, Gabriel Dalla Collletta, André Vito Scatigna and Mariana Neves Moura

Lepiota brunneogranulosa (Agaricaceae); a new species from Punjab, Pakistan, based on integrated taxonomy

Muhammad Asif, Aiman Izhar, Muhammad Haqnawaz, Abdul Niazi and Abdul Khalid

An integrative study of Pannaria hookeri (Ascomycota lichenized) from Argentina and the update of the taxon circumscription based on specimens from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

Marcos Kitaura, Mayara Scur, Adriano Spielmann and Aline Lorenz

Pitcairnia mellosilvae (Bromeliaceae): A new rheophytic species from the Espinhaço Range, Brazil

Brenda Carvalho and Rapaela Forzza

New records of Plantago trinitatis: spontaneous regeneration of a species considered extinct or sampling gaps on Trindade Island?

Entringer Jr, Hilton; Santos, Karina; Srbek-Araujo, Ana Carolina

Evaluation of baseline firewood consumption for domestic cooking in low-income rural households in Bahia, Brazil

Gioda, Adriana; Valladares, Renata Everett; Teixeira, Ivo Ian Leão; de Araújo Júnior, Marcus Antônio Gonçalves; Massone, Carlos German

What is the influence of anthropogenic impact on the population structure of Attalea speciosa Mart. ex Spreng. in the Brazilian Amazonian region?

Moreira dos Santos, Alessio; Mitja, Danielle; Miranda, Izildinha; Loisel, Patrice; Delaître, Eric ; Demagistri, Laurent

Determining factors of flower coloration

Fernandes Erickson, Marilia; Pessoa, Daniel M. A.

Do phytoplankton and epiphyton communities differ between Organic and Conventional Rice fields?

Cassol, Ana Paula; Zanella, Renato; Torgan, Lezilda

Who are the pollinators of Petunia interior (Solanaceae) and how are they attracted to flowers?

Souza, Suzana; Ramos, Rodrigo; Dartora, Nessana; Pelegrin, Carla; Pinheiro, Mardiore

Estimated degradation of the Caatinga based on modern pollen rain deposited in reservoirs

Ledru, Marie-Pierre; Cassino, Raquel; Gomes, Vaneicia; Sfair, Julia Caram; Araújo, Francisca

Spiranthinae (Orchidaceae – Cranichideae) from Uruguay: taxonomy and distribution

Marín Pérez, Lucía; Pessoa, Edlley; Buzatto, Cristiano Roberto; Alves, Marccus

Penicillium gercinae and Penicillium stangiae (Eurotiomycetes, Ascomycota), two new species from soil in Brazil

Alves, Amanda; Santos, Ana Carla; Barbosa, Renan; Souza-Motta, Cristina; Melo, Roger; Tiago, Patricia

Post-fire effects on bryophytes in High-Altitude Fields

Wienskoski, Mayara; Santos, Nivea

Leguminosae endemic to the Chaco facing quaternary climate fluctuations

Favreto Sinani, Thomaz Ricardo; Sciamarelli, Alan; Bueno, Marcelo; Sartori, Angela

Extrafloral nectaries of an Atlantic Forest conservation area in Southeastern Brazil

Miranda, Victor; Rodrigues, Lucas; Dutra, Sandrine; Sobrinho, Tathiana; Alves-Araújo, Anderson

Morphological diversity of glandular trichomes in Urticalean Rosids

Nascimento, Isabel Cristina; Teixeira, Simone; Leme, Flávia

Is it safe to consume medicinal plants in mining areas? Impact of mining on consumption of a medicinal plant

Blanco, Graziela; Campos, Mari Lucia; Dors, Priscilla; Menegon, Noellen; Hanazaki, Natalia

Brazilian Atlantic Forest and Pampa Biomes in the Spotlight: An Overview of Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Talaromyces (Eurotiales) species and the description of Penicillium nordestinense sp. nov.

Barbosa, Renan; Santos, José Ewerton ; Bezerra, Jadson; Istel, Łukasz; Houbraken, Jos; Oliveira, Neiva ; Souza-Motta, Cristina

Differential biomass allocation of the invasive species Xanthium strumarium L. along elevation gradients in Pakistan

Ullah, Rafi; Khan, Nasrullah; Shaukat, Syed

Reconstruction of the evolutionary biogeography reveals the origins of Alpinia Roxb. (Zingiberaceae): A case of “out-of-Asia” migration to the Southern Hemisphere

Chi Toan Le , Thi Bich Do, Thi Minh Anh Pham, Van Du Nguyen, Sinh Khang Nguyen, Van Hoach Nguyen, Phi Bang Cao and Wyckliffe Omondi Omollo

Reconstruction of the evolutionary biogeography reveals the origin and diversification of Arisaema (Araceae)

Van Tien Tran, Tuan Phuong Nguyen Hoang, Thomas B. Croat, Zhengxu Ma, Bing Liu, Van Du Nguyen and Chi Toan Le

Two new species of Mikania Willd. (Asteraceae: Eupatorieae) from Minas Gerais State, Brazil

Caetano Troncoso Oliveira , Guilherme Medeiros Antar, Paulo Minatel Gonella and José Rubens Pirani

Revised delimitation of Croton campestris(Euphorbiaceae), including description of two new species, molecular phylogenetic, anatomical and micromorphological data

Rodolfo Carneiro Sodré , Alexandre Antônio Alonso and Marcos José da Silva

Angiosperm pollen grains in sedimentary profiles from two Brazilian Atlantic rainforests, northernmost coastal plain from Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil. Part II

Lionel Roth and Maria Luisa Lorscheitter

Are we ready to restore South Brazilian grasslands? Plant material and legal requirements for restoration and plant production

Rosângela Gonçalves Rolim , Milena Fermina Rosenfield and Gerhard Ernst Overbeck

Sympatric and phenotypic variation between two representative species of the Atlantic Forest: an analysis of the hydraulic system 

João Victor Castelar, Pedro Antônio Mangabeira, Glaziele Campbell, Cátia Henriques Callado and Maura Da Cunha

Phenology, abundance and efficiency of pollinators drive the reproductive success of Sarcoglottis acaulis (Orchidaceae) at the Atlantic Forest

Nayara S.L. Albuquerque , Paulo Milet-Pinheiro, Denise D. Cruz, Georgiana M.S. Pimentel, Aércia C. Sousa, Adriennius M. Carneiro and Isabel C. Machado

Development, structure, and secretion of leaf colleters in Clusia criuva Cambess. subsp. criuva (Clusiaceae)

Roberta Silva Teixeira, Diego Ismael Rocha, Jailma Rodrigues Gonçalves and Valdnéa Casagrande Dalvi

Evolution of distyly breakdown in Palicoureeae Robbr. & Manen and Psychotrieae Cham. & Schltdl. (Rubiaceae)

Ebenezer Rodrigues, Helder Consolaro, Rocio Perez-Barrales and Paulo Oliveira

A new saxicolous species of Acisanthera (Melastomataceae: Marcetieae) from Chapada dos Guimarães National Park, Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Ricardo Pacifico and Frank Almeda

Effect of woody plant removal in herb-subshrub communities in preserved and disturbed Brazilian Chaco areas

Fabio J. Kochanovski, Geraldo A. Damasceno Júnior and Ângela L. B. Sartori

Iron toxicity: effects on the plants and detoxification strategies

Allan de Marcos Lapaz, Camila Hatsu Pereira Yoshida, Pedro Henrique Gorni, Larisse de Freitas-Silva, Talita de Oliveira Araújo and Cleberson Ribeiro

Endemic Papilionoideae of the Caatinga: a contribution to the palynological knowledge of Leguminosae

José Orlando Bispo dos Santos, Adriele Santana da Silva Oliveira Carneiro, Ilana Marques de Souza Dias, Marileide Dias Saba, Luciene Cristina Lima e Lima and Francisco Hilder Magalhães-e-Silva

Quilombola Ethnomedicine: The Role of Age, Gender, and Culture Change

Bruna Farias de Santana, Robert A. Voeks and Ligia Silveira Funch

Does the presence of exotic species decrease the initial development of native species in Brazilian seasonally dry tropical forests?

Carlos Leandro Costa Silva, Gabriela de Oliveira Almeida, Andréa de Vasconcelos Freitas Pinto, Maria Jesus Nogueira Rodal, Wanessa Nepomuceno Ferreira and Maria Amanda Menezes Silva

Temperature as the main factor affecting the reproductive phenology of the dioecious palm Mauritiella armata (Arecaceae)

Marly Antonielle de Ávila, Islaine Francielly Pinheiro de Azevedo, Joicy Ruas Antunes, Cléber Rodrigo de Souza, Rubens Manoel dos Santos, Rúbia Santos Fonseca and Yule Roberta Ferreira Nunes

Litterfall, seed size, and predator-free time window enhance survival of a keystone palm in an Atlantic forest restored site

Cristiane Patrícia Zanirattoand Wesley Rodrigues Silva

Fragmentation effects on beta diversity of fragmented and conserved landscapes: insights about homogenization and differentiation processes

Felipe de Carvalho Araújo, Carolina Njaime Mendes, Cleber Rodrigo de Souza, Kaline Fernandes Miranda, Mariana Caroline Moreira Morelli, Polyanne Aparecida Coelho, Maria Auxiliadora Pereira Figueiredo, Warley Augusto Caldas Carvalho, Gislene Carvalho de Castro, Marco Aurélio Leite Fontes, Rubens Manoel dos Santos

Endophytic fungi from an overlooked plant species: A case study in Kelissa brasiliensis (Baker) Ravenna.

Guilherme Afonso Kessler de Andrade, Jadson Diogo Pereira Bezerra, Maria Victória Magalhães de Vargas, Bruna Mota Bernardes, Sara Navarrete Bohi Goulart, Rodrigo Paidano Alves, Mariele Cristine Tesche Küster, Antônio Batista Pereira and Filipe de Carvalho Victoria

A new species of Eremitis (Poaceae, Bambusoideae) from the Baixo Jequitinhonha region, an area of extreme importance for the conservation of the flora of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Fabrício Moreira Ferreira, Pedro L. Viana, Cassiano A. Dorneles Welker, Lynn G. Clark and Reyjane P. Oliveira

Climate variations affect the growth period of young Tectona grandis Linn F. in the Amazon

Fábio Henrique Della Justina do Carmo, João Vicente de Figueiredo Latorraca, Maristela Volpato, Glaycianne Christine Vieira dos Santos, Poliane Pereira de Souza and Fausto Hissashi Takizawa

Floristic inventory and conservation of one of the most striking coastal mountains in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Rodrigo T. Valadares, Valquíria F. Dutra, Aline D. Firmino, Diego T. Iglesias, Lucas A. Silva, Paulo Henrique D. Barros, Vinícius C. Freitas, Weverson C. Cardoso, André M. Assis and José M. L. Gomes

Tree species of the Araucaria Mixed Forest: which, how many and how threatened are they?

Andressa Zanella, Fernanda Thiesen Brum, Ana Carolina Petisco-Souza, Giulia Fischer Maccori and Marcos Bergmann Carlucci

An updated checklist reveals strong incongruities with previous studies: insights after revisiting a regional orchid list

Edlley Pessoa, Maycon Jordan Costa da Silva, Miguel Sena de Oliveira, Wagner Ribeiro da Silva Junior and Alessandro Wagner Coelho Ferreira

In Silico analysis of Vitis vinifera Cabernet Sauvignon TOR and its responses to sugar and abscisic acid signaling

Ying Zhao and Xiu-Qin Wang

A revision of the fern family Osmundaceae in Brazil

Lana da Silva Sylvestre, Fernanda Stefany Nunes Costa and Marcelo Daniel Arana

Typification of names in Pachira aquatica Aubl. (Malvaceae, Bombacoideae) and a new combination and new status from the Brazilian Amazon forest

Vania Nobuko Yoshikawa, Marília Cristina Duarte and Carlos Daniel Miranda Ferreira

Mabea dalyana (Euphorbiaceae-Hippomaneae): a new subshrub with xylopodia endemic to the savannas of the Brazilian Amazon

Narcisio C. Bigio, Ricardo de S. Secco, Hans-Joachim Esser, Daniel Borini Alves, Antônio Laffayete Pires da Silveira, Rubens Sousa Ramos, Cassiane Barroso dos Anjos and Késia da Silva Gonçalves

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